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Strategic areas

financial integration and promote trade and investment within the region. The Bank has prepared a 5 years development plan for this purpose. Below are the strategic pillars: 


  • BMICE funds will target projects of common interest in terms of faster and more sustainable economic growth, modernized economies, and higher trust in the region by foreign investors. These projects shall meet the needs of Maghreb markets and generate expertise sharing. 
  • Intra-regional exchange through the development of intra-Maghreb trade, enabling a substitution effect that would satisfy the region’s needs.
  • Expanding exports of Maghreb products by expanding foreign trade and encouraging exporting companies to  access new international markets;
  • Enabling a free capital flows within the Maghreb by putting in place solutions to the regulatory and institutional  barriers ;
  • Attract  foreign direct investment "IDE" to the Maghreb;
  • Providing support and advice for project identification, study and design.


BMICE will support  productive projects both in the public and private sectors that have an impact on the economic and social development of the member countries. A project is considered of common interest if:


  • its capital is owned at least by 2 parties of the  member countries ;
  • produced to meet the needs of the Maghreb markets;
  • uses raw materials or technologies whose origin is  from another maghreb country ;