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The Maghreb Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade is managed by : 

  • a General Assembly, which is the highest governance body,  meets once in the year. to determine general directives of the Bank ;
  • a  Board of Directors made of 10 members representing equaly the 5 founding countries. The board  elects its president among  its members. 
  • a leadership team composed of a Managing Director  and a Deputy Managing  Director ; they are  in charge of the day-to-day management of BMICE.

Organigram of BMICE

Board competencies

  • The board of Directors of BMICE has a number of competencies that include the design of the Bank’s general policies and follow-up of their implementation in line with the Establishing Agreement and the directives of the general assembly;
  • Setting rules and regulations and taking the measures necessary for the smooth functioning of the Bank
  • Approval of financing and resource mobilization

Below, BMICE  board members

Yahia Sadfi HMAIDI

Board members


Khaled Kagigi (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Aymen Alferjani


Mohamed El Hanchi

Mohamed SALAH





Mourad Hassen

Mohamed Abdessemad EL HAMRAOUI




Senior Management

The founding members appointed Mr Said BERBALE (Maroc) as Managing Director and Mr Abdelghani AIT-IKHLEF (Algeria) as Deputy Managing Director of BMICE. Their appointment is effective since January 2016. 



Managing  Director of BMICE

Abdelghani AIT-IKHLEF

Deputy Managing Director of BMICE

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Areas of competencies : Directors

Economic Studies and Cooperation

Sami Mouley

Chief Economist, Director in charge of Economic Studies and Cooperation

Email : 

Professor Sami Mouley is Director at BMICE and Chief Economist in charge of Economic Studies and Cooperation. He holds a PhD in Economics and International Finance from the University of Aix-Marseille (France), Post-Doctoral Degree as Habilitation to conduct researches that was delivered by the University of Tunis El-Manar (Tunisia), a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in International Economics and Professorship in Economics. With a career spanning more than 25 years, both academically and research, as well as international consulting and technical expertise, he has worked with international financial institutions and multilateral development banks, national public authorities and centers of analysis and economic research.

Professor Sami Mouley has several relevant experiences in carrying out economic studies covering the Maghreb countries in various economic topics related, in particular, to macroeconomic and sectoral aspects. He also has extensive experience in banking and finance, and has held positions of responsibility as Chief Economist and General Manager of the Center for Research and Financial and Monetary Studies at the Central Bank of Tunisia and was member of its Monetary Policy Committee, as well as chairman of a committee for studies and strategic orientations of a tunisian public bank. He is also the author of international publications and scientific books on macroeconomic policy, international finance, banking strategies and central banking.

Institutional services

Sid'Ahmed BOUH

Email :

Mr. Sid'Ahmed BOUH is Director of the Institutional Services at BMICE. He is graduate from the higher level of the Tunis National School of Administration (ENA), in Public Finances (Public Expenditure control). He has 19 years of experience in the areas of management and reforms management within the public administration of his country, Mauritania ( at the Ministry of Economy and Finance and as Executive Director of the BaComaB Trust Fund). As Economist, he worked for the World Bank in Mauritania where helped to design and implement sound development strategies and policies, and the Nouadhibou free zone authority as General Director for development. Mr Bouh has also worked as a consultant for several international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Bank, AFDB and the german cooperation (GIZ). He is fluent in Arabic, French and English.



Email : 

Bio : Nazim Bendjaballah is the director of  finance at BMICE.

Diversified experience that combines credit analysis in commercial banking, executive within a ministerial cabinet dedicated to financial reform, auditing and consulting within a BIG4 as well as finance function management within banking institutions, whether in the Maghreb environment or in sub-Saharan Africa. Nazim Bendjaballah is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Banque (Algiers), the University of Paris 8  and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris).

Resources Mobilization

Dr. Khalid Al MABROUK

Email :

Dr. Khalid Al Mabrouk works as Executive Director for Resources Mobilization and Partnership Department at BMICE. He has a broad experience in investment fund management, investment Banking and financial management. Dr. Khalid has held various positions at the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) as Chief Investment Officer and its subsidiaries as Chief Executive Officer. He holds his PhD in investment fund management from the University of Queensland in Australia.



Email :

Mr. Younes EL MASLOUMI is Director of the Operations Department (Structured Finance and Foreign Trade) of the Maghreb Investment Bank and Foreign Trade (BMICE). Before joining the bank in March 2018, he was for three years the Executive Director within the BMCE (Bank of Africa Group), in charge of development and coordination of the Central Africa region. He has also spent 15 years between West and Central Africa, holding senior positions including: - the position of Managing Director of the Congolese Bank "LCB Bank", a subsidiary of BMCE Bank. At the end of his mission in the Republic of Congo and in recognition of his efforts, Mr. Younes El Masloumi was elevated to the rank of commander in the Congolese order of merit, - the position of Director of General Control and Budgets at the Development Bank of Mali BDM-SA, in charge of the supervision of the merger of the BMCD by the BDM-SA. Thus, he will bring to his new responsibilities within the BMICE, 25 years of experience in



Areas of competencies : Advisors

Risks and Compliance Advisor

Reda Likou. Risks and Compliance Advisor

Email : 

Reda Likou is a graduated from the Algiers School of banking. He also holds a DESS in Accounting and Financial Audit from the Institute of Higher Commercial Studies (IHEC), a DESS in Finance from the Higher Institute of Management and Planning (ISGP). His professional experience began at the Central Bank of Algeria within the General Inspection, before continuing in subsidiaries of major international groups. For example, he was Senior Manager at Bank ABC where his main task was to upgrade the Internal Audit function. Réda Likou has also been head of the internal audit department of the Algerian subsidiary of Société Générale Group. He brings to BMICE 18 years of professional experience in areas as diverse as internal audit, risk management and compliance.


General Auditor


Email :

Jamel BEN YACOUB is the  Auditor General and Secretary of the Board of Directors of BMICE.  Since 1993,  he has been  serving  within the tunisan Central Bank as the Supervisor of  the Banks activities in Tunsia.  He was General Manager in charge of supervision and banking regulation at the Central Bank from 2012-2015, before joing BMICE.  He also was member of the  Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations ( State bank handling official deposits) where he also acted within its supervisory authority and President of its Risk committee from 2011-2015. Mr Benyacoub played a key role during the commercial  negociations with the  EU between 2009-2010.  He Holds a Baccalaureate in Mathematics, a Master's degree in Economics and a Master's Degree in Banking Management.